Scarlett Bear

Scarlett Bear is a commissioned design in memory of a much loved child. We are very grateful to the family for allowing us to present Scarlett Bear on our website. 

Scarlett's name is worked in hand dyed pearls. Her middle and surnames, date of birth and weight are machine embroidered. Contrasting fabric for her ears and paws is hand marbled satin. The contrasting fabric for her feet and tail is red satin.

Her handmade angel wings are a combination of both contrasting fabrics.

Our memory bears are a special and unique way to remember a loved one. We can incorporate a favourite piece of clothing, or other memorable items, such as buttons or a brooch.

If you would like to explore more options than the ones offered here, try Create a Bear, where you can choose options, add your ideas below, or Contact Us to have a chat...


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