Our Noo Bears

A Noo Bear is a beautiful and creative way to capture a special moment in time. Remember your occasion with a design that we bring to life with our handcrafted Noo Bears.

Whether you choose to create your own bear, or modify one of the designs or themes you see here, your Noo Bear is created from your personal choice of fabric and additions. There are no limits other than your imagination!

Designing your Bear

You may choose to simply embroider a name, or you may wish to create a bear covered with embellishment, there are many choices with beading, marbling, applique, or ribbon roses being just a few.

Contrasting fabrics are individually selected to suit the end purpose of your bear and range from quality cottons through to silk satins.

Brides can use offcuts from their gown, their bridesmaids gowns, or combine both to make Noo Bear part of their special day. For newborns and birthdays, you might choose a favourite colour, or a vibrant print. We can incorporate a special piece of clothing to help remember a loved one. There are many ways we can make your bear unique, whatever his purpose may be. Every bear is gift wrapped in clear cellophane and comes with his own permanent fabric marker.

Create your own Noo Bear

Noo Bear offers a free, no obligation consultation. Monique will work with you to create the perfect bear, taking into account colours, fabrics and embellishments. Choose to Order A Bear, Create A Bear, or Contact Us to start creating. Take a peek at our Photo Gallery to see some of our Bear creations.

Monique is Noo Bears Creator and designs and hand crafts every Noo Bear. As she makes each bear he develops his own unique personality. The end result is a beautiful, one of a kind creation - a wonderful way to treasure your memories!